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My chronology of development in IT

  • August 1, 1975

         I was born in this world, not yet understanding all the delights of Information Technology.

  • September 1, 1990

         I entered the 10th grade of high school with an advanced study of mathematics and computer science. After fifteen minutes of a computer science lesson, I realized that several operators (BEGIN, IF-ELSE-THEN, FOR, PRINT, END) and logical thinking are enough to write the first game program. Which I did in the second lesson. This is how I mastered my first programming language - QBasic. I fell in love with programming, and then I realized that this is for my whole life.

  • In 1991

         I took second place at the regional Olympiad in informatics. I have written a chess program module using only the QBasic programming language and a database array. I am very grateful to my teacher of informatics Alexei Palych Kuvshinov. He taught me logical thinking. Thanks to him, I became a low-level programmer.

  • In 1992

         I entered the Higher Military Command Engineering School of the Missile Forces of the Ministry of Defense, majoring in Radio Electronic Warfare. At the military school, I began to study languages ​​such as: Assembler, Pascal, Fortran, Angol. I worked with Big Computing Machines. These were huge machines (computers), they fit in a three-story building.

  • In 1997

         This year I met a gamer with the nickname "Flash". He gave me a glimpse of the world of a personal computer. Subsequently, I began not only to repair computers, I began to re-solder non-working components. I learned how to work with computer video surveillance and security systems. We can say that from this year I started working in Information Technologies as a technician. For the first time, an entry appeared in my work book - the Operator of Electronic Computing Machines. From that time on, my career in computer technology began. I always remember Gennady Grigoriev for teaching me to understand the complete set of computers, find faults and fix them. These were the most golden times. I first met a hacker under the nickname "Motor", he showed a lot of interesting things and taught how to bypass protection. It was very interesting. We gathered in game solons all together: gamers, programmers, computer designers, technical specialists, and in a couple of nights we created our games, created our own computer world. It was a real team work of specialists in various industries. I still remember when we came to a dead end in our decisions, we did - "an attack of thought", and immediately found the right solution.

  • In 1999

         I worked as a database entry specialist at the Municipal Office of the Bureau of Technical Inventory.

         In this organization, I first started working with electronic databases. The database was created in the FoxPro programming language. The program was called Boabab. I first started writing large programs and analyzing large amounts of data. I had a dream to create a program corresponding to the time. I started learning programming languages ​​like C++ and Delphi. Later I wrote a lot of programs in these languages ​​for various enterprises.

  • In 2000

         I worked as a Control Systems Automation Engineer in one of the Regiongas trusts.

         This was the richest experience in my work. I worked with all structural divisions. I had to study in real time accounting, office work, trade and warehouse, salary projects, jurisprudence, the nuances of the gas industry. I needed to completely immerse myself in all the processes of the enterprise. All this was necessary for me to automate all processes. I reconfigured my coaxial LAN to twisted pair. I've worked with Novell NetWare and Windows NT servers. I developed software modules in 1C Enterprise. The internal program worked in FoxPro and Paradox languages. I had to learn these languages ​​so that I could quickly intervene in the program and eliminate errors.

         I am grateful to the Chief Engineer Evgeny Viktorovich Pimenov and the Head of the Information and Analytical Department of Region Gas Mikhail Midenko. Thanks to them and their patience, I learned to consider all issues globally and argue with management. Only in a dispute is truth born, tacit consent leads the organization to a standstill.

  • In 2003

         I served in the general operational planning department of the operational department of the group of forces in the mountainous part of the Chechen Republic of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

         It was not only the IT skills that came in handy here. First of all, these are analytics, analysis, forecasting, objective foresight of future events. This helped me a lot in further analyzes of any project. This allowed me to consider any project from all sides and not miss hidden moments. This allowed me to set priorities more clearly and achieve the results I wanted. It is also a huge experience in managing people.

  • In 2006

         I worked as an engineer for the automation of the information technology group of the additional office of the Regional Office of the Open Joint Stock Company "MINB Moscow Industrial Bank".


         While working in this enterprise, I got acquainted with the work of secondary banking devices (ATMs, POST terminals, client applications). I have also worked with equipment from Cisco and Continental. It was a wealth of experience working in large companies. The bank gave me the opportunity to expand my professional skills and take a broader view of the world.

  • In 2008

         I worked as a low-level programmer in the Incotex holding.
         I took part in programming an analog, cable and satellite receiver based on the Fujitsu and Intel chipsets of MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 compression standards. This was my first experience of working in an international format. I would like to express my gratitude to my leadership for the opportunity to participate in such a global project.

  • In 2013

         Due to the move and family circumstances, I got a job as an editor of electronic databases in a museum. It was a work for the soul. For four years of work in the museum, I have automated the process of keeping records of museum values. Created two sites, the first on the Joomla 3 content management system, the second on the WordPress content management system. I digitized museum exhibits, I applied the QR codes system, I created virtual VR exhibits using 3D Max and Blender 3D. With the help of Information Technologies, I have created models of the lost objects of cultural heritage. I created a public project that published photographs stored in the museum's archives for ordinary people on social networks. It was more creative work, where great efforts were thrown into the study of graphic programs.

  • In 2017

         Since 2010, I have worked with 10 Chinese companies. I participated with them at the exhibition in Moscow Expo. In 2010 I started promoting Chinese companies in the Russian markets. In 2017, I completely switched to work as an Internet project manager for 3 Chinese companies. As a result, due to lack of time, I had to delve deeper into the development of one project "BaoKun" - machinery company led by Mr. Kevin Qu. It was the richest experience of working entirely for foreign companies. Mr. Kevin Qu looked deeply into the company's problems. The Internet project turned out to be very successful. For the first time, I began to look at the market as global, world. I realized that projects need to be brought to the global level instead of the local one. We started to create projects for the whole world and immediately they were designed for the local Target Audience. Working with the BaoKun project, I began to use more graphic objects. For 10 years I have devoted myself to advanced study - SEM, SEO, SEA, SMM, SMO. I began to study in more detail the following specialties: Internet project manager, Programmer - system administrator, Internet marketer in e-commerce, Content manager, Web designer, SEO specialist, Copywriter - editor, Photographer, Contextual Advertising Specialist, SMM Specialist. For my own development, I began to pass certification exams. So I became a SEM (Search Engine Marketing) specialist. The Chinese experience showed me what I have been doing all my time. I have become a very good Internet Project Manager.
         I am grateful to Mr. Kevin Qu for ten years of experience working under his leadership.

  • In 2020

    In early 2020, I started working with Sir Jamili Nino Luis in the Philippines. This is a very interesting person with big plans. More than 20 projects were launched, 2 of them had to be closed, 3 of them are well known in the Philippines. It's nice to watch when people need your projects. 2020 has become the most time consuming and efficient year. Working with Sir Jamili Nino Luis, the main focus was on Google and Facebook tools. Sir Jamili Nino Luis' projects are aimed mainly at the Filipino audience, but thanks to the dedication of Sir Jamili Nino Luis, it was possible to bring projects to the front in the shortest possible time. It was a rich experience.

         In 2021, the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recognized the composition of a fraudulent scheme in the actions of Sir Jamili Nino Luis. Sir Jamili Nino Luis did not manufacture or build anything, he sold unfinished projects, calling them a franchise. Sir Jamili Nino Luis built financial investment pyramids. I had to part with him. Very soon I will describe working with him, so that people would be more careful when investing their money in investments.

    Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

This is short information that is written in my work book. In addition, there were a huge number of different orders from various enterprises and companies. All of them allowed me to develop in Information Technologies and gain experience. My first computer science teacher said wonderful words: If a programmer works in one enterprise, he dies. He has no experience with various businesses. His brain is not looking for permanent solutions, his brain is fixated on one moment. Throughout my life, I have been constantly studying Information Technologies. I always listen to the advice of my colleagues. I know from experience that the right decision can be in the most unpredictable place.

     In my projects, I love honesty, accuracy, punctuality, respect for those for whom this project is intended. My employer: — is a member of my family for me, he is also a Leader for me and not a Boss.

     During my work, I had to use more than 18 computer languages, such as: Assembler, Algol, Basic, Pascal, QBASIC, Fortran, PHP, GNU bc, COBOL, C, C ++, Delphi, Java, JavaScript, Object Pascal, Objective- C, Visual Basic, 1C, FoxPro, SQL, dBase, etc. I became a low level programmer and learned to program with an oscilloscope. There is such a joke that I can even reprogram the iron.

     In order to make my projects more vivid and colorful, I began to use computer and 3D graphics, for this I began to work with such programs as: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, CorelDRAW, 3D Max, Blender 3D, etc.

     Most of my projects work in the world arenas, so the main tools for promoting Internet projects are: Google and Facebook.

     I live by the principles:

  1. It is impossible to know everything! You need to constantly learn something new and modernize your knowledge
  2. Everyone has the right to an opinion and everyone has the right to express it. It happens that a cleaning lady will give a more interesting solution than a Ph.D.
  3. This is my main principle: Randomness, Coincidence, System. When a person has committed a bad offense, it is an accident. When a person has committed a bad offense the second time, it’s a coincidence, I usually break up with this person here. If a person has committed a bad offense for the third time, this is a system. You can’t deal with such a person, all his misdeeds have a systematic effect.
  4. If a person is cheating on his spouse, I have no business with him. He betrays his other half, which means he will easily betray you in business.

     Honesty, loyalty, timely fulfillment of promises, the ability to conduct a dialogue and not hide behind your position — these are the main qualities that adorn any leader.

With respect to you and your business!
Manager of Internet Projects A. Kondratenko

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Arkady Kondratenko

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