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Arkady Kondratenko

Specialist SEM, SEO, SEA, SMM, SMO, Website developer, Internet Advertising and Facebook & Instagram Targeting Specialist, Certified Advertising Specialist on Google and Yandex.

Over 25 years

I have worked as a programmer and analyst in various enterprises, organizations and companies.

More than 200 Internet Projects

I have worked in state companies, banks, holdings, commercial structures. I have taken part in global international projects.

More than 8 Countries

I have worked with companies in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, USA, South Korea, China and the Philippines.

Arkady Kondratenko

Arkady Kondratenko

Internet Project Manager, (IT Specialist),
I will increase your business!

About Me

     My name is Arkady Kondratenko, I am from Russia and I am 46 years old. Since 1990, the programming world has become my home world. Working in various organizations, state structures, companies, I studied various programming languages, various accounting systems, various tactics of enterprises. In 2000, I stopped writing software and devoted myself to international electronic marketplaces. For 20 years, I have helped foreign companies to promote their interests on the Internet. Studying the world experience, mistakes of companies, analyzing the experience of my colleagues, I became a manager of Internet Projects. I went through all the stages, the entire chain of each link of the Internet Project, it helped me find the right solution. Each Internet Project for me is my child. I am proud of how it grows, develops and brings profit to its companies. Each Internet Project is individual for me, it has a soul and personality. This is a great team work. I will make your business profitable and successful, I will help you open up new horizons.

With respect to you and your business!

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Arkady Kondratenko

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